7 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

calvin-hobbes-writers-blockNo writer wants to talk about writer’s block but at some point the discussion has to happen. Let’s say it, “writer’s block” is an ugly set of words. It is a vicious vortex to be pulled into, but there are ways to combat the debilitating feeling of distress, frustration and unworthiness. So, what causes writer’s block? The likely explanations for writer’s block are innumerable: angst, a birth, a death, a divorce, an engagement, a job termination, a marriage, and a new home…any life change can be the culprit. I put a list of tips together to tackle and combat your writer’s block. I am rooting for you to keep on doing what you love—write!

1. Write! You won’t overcome your writer’s block if you don’t delve into the fray head first…or in this case pencil, pen or keys first!

2. Set deadlines and keep them! Find a writing partner or writing group and agree to hold each other accountable to deadlines.

3. Be kind to yourself! Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend in this position.

4. Implement a writing schedule! Show up at the scheduled writing time and just write. Even if you are just staring at blank pages, keep your scheduled writing appointments.

5. Give yourself a vacation! Take time off when you complete a project.

6. Think of writing as a REAL profession NOT a hobby! We put words on pages instead of paint on walls.

7. Remember why you started to write! Write what you love. Write what stirs your soul. Write what you feel in your core, not what you think you should be writing or what scribble bunk you can toss together the fastest to make a buck.

Article first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.

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Riotous Scribe Lynda Renham Talks Writer’s Block

LR photoDiane Morasco: Lynda, let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Lynda Renham: There is only one answer to writer’s block in my opinion and that’s food. Not the best answer. I usually raid the fridge and cupboards. When that doesn’t work I go for a walk and then I write anything. There is usually some gold dust to be found in the debris.

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Renowned Scribe Parris Afton Bonds Talks Writer’s Block

At the Top of Huayna PicchuDiane Morasco: Let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Parris Afton Bonds: This is a two-parter. 1.)  I write, poop or not. If I have no clue to where I am going with a story, I might write, “The grass is green.” Then I must ask myself, “Well, Parris, why is the grass green? A writer has to get SOMETHING on the page/screen in order to ‘grow’ a story.

2.) I research; perhaps that’s why I love writing historicals, sagas, and historical romances. Facts fire off my brain’s neural light switch ~ all sorts of why/what-if questions now MUST be addressed.

PAB Blue Bayou book 1

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J Fox Ink™ Debut Author Shyra Jones Talks Writer’s Block

JFI AJTMDiane Morasco: Shyra, let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Shyra Jones, M.A., LPC: I am lucky I have only had writers block once and it was due to a poor outline on my part. My trick is to outline the book ahead of time. I believe nonfiction writers are lucky in that respect we do not have to worry so much about characters and plot and all that stuff. We just have to organize facts. I love facts so organizing them was easy. In my first book I got to do more story telling than I think I will do for a while. And those stories I have used in counseling, well a couple of them. Most of them were new and now I have them in my hat to pull from in therapy. For me everything goes back to what would I say in a session, and unless I would use therapeutic silence I always can find my answer there.

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