Cover Reveal: Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of Life

inspirational-anchors-cover-final-smaller-version“The cover reveal for the amazing Diane Morasco’s new book!!”

What a way to wake up, huh? No, cookie cakes, not being called amazing, although, I love knowing that, but to have the magnificent Beth Prentice reveal my cover. Really lil’ ol’ me to be given such high praise from my friend, colleague, NaNoWriMo partner, Aussie cookie cake, and USA Today Bestselling Author. Me? Bronx born, Long Island raised and Jersey seasoned Curvalicious Visionary. WOW! She also gave it the royal treatment because she unveiled her new website for my cover reveal. All of my prayers are being answered. And, if I am dreaming – please do not wake my arse. ;} Nope, I taste the salt from my tears. I am not dreaming. 🙂

An amazing honor – The cover reveal for ‘Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of Life’

I am truly honoured to have been trusted with the reveal of the cover for Diane Morasco’s upcoming novel. Inspirational Anchors To Ground You Through The Waves of Life will inspire you to beat your demons and get up to face the world head on. It will encourage you to health, happiness and ultimate victory.

Diane Morasco’s new inspirational title coming 13th December 2016.  Available for pre-order now!!! Be sure to grab your copy early!

What we think matters. What we put in our mind matters. Our awareness has incredible control over our triumphs or failures. What we feed our brains is vital to how we live. Our thoughts are powerful. What we nourish our minds with either raises us to a higher existence or plummets us to flounder in despair. We were not meant for mediocrity. We were not designed to just get by with fruitless, ho-hum or unrewarding lives.

When life limits our thinking, and holds us down by heaping on the gunk, turning up the heat and leaving us to deal with our trials, we have what it takes to overcome and excel.

We are leaders. What we think manifests in our lives. Good or bad the thoughts we hold onto seep into our being. Which is why we need to infuse our minds and spirits with encouraging words, loving declarations and optimistic thoughts. Positive inspiration is the gateway to achieving happiness, health, spiritual growth and victory.

Cover design © 2016 by TRT STUDIOS™

A Real Honor – The Cover Reveal for ‘Even TOUGH WOMEN Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes’

The lovely Tanya R. Taylor did me the honor of revealing my debut novel’s cover. Click the link to have a peek. I am over the moon. She has really touched my heart. Thank you to the PHENOMENAL cover designer @ TRT Studios™ for taking my story and illustrating it so wonderfully.

Cover design © 2016 by TRT STUDIOS™

A Real Honor – The Cover Reveal for ‘Even TOUGH WOMEN Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes’


Spirits Unleashed 7 (2)COMING DECEMBER 30, 2016!

My name is Vivianna Grace Diamant. I am a Glow Caster. I see spirits appear by their glow. I cast them back to their rightful dimensions. The Commendable Spirits are sent to the Seraph Verse and the Unvirtuous Ones to the Spectral Verse. As both a Spirit Healer and a Shadow Angel, I expel malevolent spirits from the earth and direct the departed back to their proper resting places. I inherited my gift on December 30th, my seventeenth birthday. I am the only one in my ancestry to be gifted the vision.

I live in Old Sea Harbor, New York, a small beach town on the South Shore of Long Island where spirits seem to wander freely among the living often taking on human form to trick Glow Casters from banishing them over to the Spectral Verse.

A clan of Crimson Infernals, known as, Breath Pirates, offer to join forces with the Obsidian Dwellers to make the Spectral Verse the only Verse on the planet. They will stop at nothing to bring their evil plot to fruition, leaving me no choice but to go to the Nautical Seraphs to seek direction from their Naval Archangels. Which leads me to an unlikely ally.

I join forces with Nathan Fox, half Spark Caster / half Obsidian Dweller and together we must stop the two verses from becoming one.



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Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco

Cover design © 2016 by TRT STUDIOS™

Happy Weekend Cookie Cakes!

20160806_171808 (2)Happy Weekend Cookie Cakes!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. For those feeling the heat, please take extra care of you and your loved ones. Please don’t forget about your pets! :]

There are lots of exciting things going on here at J Fox Ink™! My debut novel has a new name – Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes. I originally chose the previous title as a filler, so I can get it underway. And it is definitely underway, so much so, I have added two additional chapters. The earth angels that I have been blessed with decided to grab my hand before I fell off the edge. These beautiful spirits gently and lovingly shared their views on the tentative title going viral. I knew it was going to change just before it was released, but these brilliant women decided to give me a lil’ ‘ole nudge to do it now. I am not going to deny my little girl was like, “Really? Now?” And my big girl said, “Really? Now?” However, no matter how much I wanted to procrastinate a little further, I knew in my heart it was time. The last chapter I just completed really puts it out there. It kicked my ass even more than the previous chapters.

When the feedback starting coming in, I wanted to run and hide. Funny thing is, you can’t unring a bell. If I went to hide, it would be fruitless – the words were out there. The phenomenal storyteller, Tanya R, Taylor said my “heart really speaks in that chapter. Really speaks.” Yep, beneath the ice there is a heart. And award winning novelist, Diane Layne, said it is “heartbreaking.” This chapter took me through the paces. It felt like Serena Williams worked my bubbalicious, chubbalicious, curvalicious rump out! : )

Anyway, I am writing, writing and writing. Did I mention I was writing? Hahaha! When I am not writing, I am behind the scenes handling the business end of things. I have to say, this is the hardest thing I have ever written. EVER. I am digging deep, shining a megawatt spotlight on the darkness, clearing the wreckage, and dealing with secrets and skeletons. I am excavating, peeling the layers and revealing the woman I am today. And, that woman is emerging beautifully. In the last ten weeks, I am down 50 lbs. I have to thank my fitness angel for being such a powerful source of encouragement. Thank you, Avo! ;]

I want to thank some incredibly tough women who have been on this journey with me from the beginning – Tanya R. Taylor, Parris Afton Bonds, Traci Andrighetti, Gina LaManna, and Diana Layne. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for your acceptance, friendship, guidance, input, love, strength, and understanding. I am truly blessed.

Thank you to all of the wonderful writers for the congratulations and for being so unbelievably gracious in spreading the word about my upcoming release – Tanya R. Taylor, Parris Afton Bonds, Diana Layne, Sibel Hodge, Gemma Halliday, Beth Prentice, Barbara Valentin, Sally J. Smith, Gayle Trent, Dane McCaslin, Terrie Farley Moran, Lynda Renham-Cook, Summer Prescott, and Sylvia Selfman. You women are amazing!

And now, let’s dish on my upcoming 2017 OLD SEA HARBOR SERIES. I teamed up with an imaginative designer who understands exactly what I want for this series. I want readers to look at the covers and say, “Morasco, yes! This image tells the story nestled inside your gripping pages!” My designer is a radiant gem! The covers for THE OLD SEA HARBOR NOVELS™ are exclusively created by TRT STUDIOS™. This past week, the dazzling designer and I brainstormed on the cover for SPIRITS UNLEASHED. We ended up with not just the cover for the first novella, but the cover for the second novella, SPIRITS PROWLING. How cool is that? Way cool!

I want to thank TRT STUDIOS™ for ingeniously capturing the essence of my upcoming Old Sea Harbor Series. Thank you so much!

“TRT STUDIOS™ has magnificently brought my vision for my upcoming 2017 OLD SEA HARBOR SERIES to life. What started out as an adult series for J Fox Ink™ has turned into something beyond my wildest imaginings. THE OLD SEA HARBOR NOVELS™ will feature a Young Adult spinoff with REMAINS TO BE SEEN as the first release under the Lil’ Jake™ imprint. As well as, a trilogy of novellas containing the history surrounding Old Sea Harbor, New York.

SPIRITS UNLEASHED will be the first novella staring the evocative Vivianna Grace Diamant Spencer.”  Grab your copy December 30th 2016.

Whew! I have been a creative bumblebee.

Ok, that’s it for now! The kids want you to see what they do while mommy toils away. Hmmm…Hahaha!

As always, thank you for being here, and thank you for reading!!! Happy August!