Announcing The Official Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes Website!

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Announcing The Official Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes website for my novel, Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes.

I hope you find clarity, compassion, sustenance, and understanding as you voyage through the TOUGH website.

My mission is to heal, empower and rip the damn shutters off the windows we house our secrets in, so we can let the sun pour its powerful light on the darkness. Once we start soaking up the light, we can absorb the nourishment and heal.

Always remember, you are a beautiful treasure!


Exclusive Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes Excerpt: Our DNA by Diane Morasco


I believed the best was yet to come
I believed there wasn’t anything we couldn’t get through
I believed in you and me
For eternity

Until you put your hands on me

I understood the abuse from your past
I came from one too
I understood how your parents succumbed to addiction
Poppin’ pills, liquorin’ up…and shootin’ up
As did you
I came from a household of boozin’ up
I wanted better
Thought you did too
I didn’t give in to the insidiousness of my DNA
But you did
And that was okay
‘cause I loved you unconditionally
And I reached out my hand for you to hold onto
And I believed you were more than the savages you came from

Until you choked me

I gave you my heart
My mind
My body
My soul
I believed you when you said
You did too
And I believed you when you said
I was the love of your life
I believed you when you said
You wanted to make me your wife

Until you almost killed me

I believed you when you said
You didn’t mean to do it
When you said it was a “blackout”
I wasn’t sure just what I believed
‘cause all I remember was shutting down
Praying this wasn’t really happening

I wanted so desperately for you to get well
All the while your drug addiction, violent outbursts and alcohol dependence took center stage
And made my world a livin’ hell
And I slipped further into the abyss

I cried
I prayed
I lashed out
I retreated
To a world I escaped to when I was a kid
Alone with my pets
Getting lost in the pages of a book
Or writing
As the tears froze
As my soul withered
And as my spirit started to perish

I stood by you when the vultures known as your DNA
Circled and swooped in
They didn’t like the way I responded to you putting your hands on me
They didn’t like how I called the cops and had you arrested
You didn’t like it either
You blamed me for your outbursts
You said I was the reason for it
The little girl inside was too shattered to cry
‘cause the man she loved was strangling the little boy she loved inside
The damaged little boy…you

I loved you unconditionally
Despite the fact I didn’t understand the world you came from
A mother, a father sticking needles in their arms
A sister not worthy enough to raise her kids
A little sister taking her clothes off for dollars
And a man so broken
He let the best thing to ever enter his life go
‘cause there was a sick, twisted comfort in the familiar
And he answered the call of the savages who share the same DNA

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco


Spirits Unleashed 7 (2)COMING DECEMBER 30, 2016!

My name is Vivianna Grace Diamant. I am a Glow Caster. I see spirits appear by their glow. I cast them back to their rightful dimensions. The Commendable Spirits are sent to the Seraph Verse and the Unvirtuous Ones to the Spectral Verse. As both a Spirit Healer and a Shadow Angel, I expel malevolent spirits from the earth and direct the departed back to their proper resting places. I inherited my gift on December 30th, my seventeenth birthday. I am the only one in my ancestry to be gifted the vision.

I live in Old Sea Harbor, New York, a small beach town on the South Shore of Long Island where spirits seem to wander freely among the living often taking on human form to trick Glow Casters from banishing them over to the Spectral Verse.

A clan of Crimson Infernals, known as, Breath Pirates, offer to join forces with the Obsidian Dwellers to make the Spectral Verse the only Verse on the planet. They will stop at nothing to bring their evil plot to fruition, leaving me no choice but to go to the Nautical Seraphs to seek direction from their Naval Archangels. Which leads me to an unlikely ally.

I join forces with Nathan Fox, half Spark Caster / half Obsidian Dweller and together we must stop the two verses from becoming one.



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Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco

Cover design © 2016 by TRT STUDIOS™


beach hawaiian_night_mGetting ready to write a chapter that is going to once again kick my rear. I am crying so friggin’ hard. This chapter is going to bring me to my knees, have rivulets coming down like a monsoon to the point my sinuses will be asking me to ease up and peel even more layers. Good gravy! I am a human being not an onion!

“Diane, you have to get it out.” “Diane, this is going to be so therapeutic.” “It will be so cathartic, Diane.” Cathartic? What is so cathartic about every fiber of your being snapping like a live wire on the asphalt? Cathartic? I want to SMASH every effing thing in here to bits. I want to SCREAM!!! EFFING SCREAM! This effing pain is so effing EXCRUCIATING. WHY CAN’T I CRAWL INTO A DITCH? Oh, I know, why I can’t – because I am a TOUGH WOMAN. Who decided to infuse me with TOUGH genes? Oh, I know – God. He created me; I guess He believes I can handle it. I am not so sure this time. This anguish is grinding me to bits. GRINDING ME UNTIL I AM NOTHING BUT ASH. I guess this is where my ashes turn to beauty, huh? Is it possible this wretched angst could take me out? Yep, anything is possible. Yet, God would not have brought me to this place if He didn’t think I could handle it. I pray He is right. I hope there wasn’t any mix-up. Just my luck some satellites caused miscommunication between heaven and earth. Good gravy! I just have to endure all this friggin’ grief first so I can grow in the sunlight.

What in blazes was I thinking? Why didn’t I just write the cozy first? The Old Sea Harbor Series? Stranded? Oh, I know why I couldn’t – I had to get this out first. Pfft!


Reply to self: WORD!

And the good thing about all of this angst? I am almost finished.




addtext_com_MTMxODE5MzA3MzcI LOVE the freedom to introduce readers to worlds I’ve been dreaming of, but didn’t want to be placed inside a box – I am way too curvy for that! ;] And I can’t wait for readers to say, “She finally stepped out of the shadows and into the sunlight and wrote her own stories.”
I have been told on more than one occasion, “Diane wants what she wants.” And that, “I am selfish.” Well, duh! I do want what I want, when I want it; at least, I have the balls to admit it. I want the liberty to publish what I want, which is what my publishing company, J Fox Ink™, is all about. I have the freedom to write what I want. I am not a “genre” writer either. I write in more than one genre. I read in more than one genre. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I have Attention Diane Boredom Disorder. I have to multi-task and multi-read. I can’t just be a boring banana.

Thank goodness Bezos created the Kindle. Good gravy, it was way too much hauling all those books everywhere. Okay, so I wasn’t always the one hauling the books, but still, when I had to carry them they didn’t feel like friggin’ feathers in a tote bag. I love creating new worlds, I love being able to alter the one we live in. I love developing characters from scratch and watch them mold into who they want to be. Sometimes they take off on a path I didn’t want them to, but it is their land to explore. I just listen and follow their lead. Oftentimes, I just sketch it out and get a nudge or wink to flesh it out in a way that says, “OF COURSE!”

So, as an Indie Writer and an Indie Publisher, if that makes me selfish, oh, well!

As an avid reader, I understand the ridiculous prices on some e-books. Let’s say it, they tend to leave a sour taste in your mouth. I want lower prices on my books, so everyone has an opportunity to take my books out for a spin. As an Indie Writer and Indie Publisher, I want to be the one to receive the higher percentage.

J Fox Ink™ allows me to explore Diane Morasco the business woman and Diane Morasco the writer. I will be able to reach readers in ways I couldn’t imagine going with a traditional publisher and I love knowing that. As for my print books, print prices for POD will definitely be rather higher. If you love the tactile feel of a book, please keep in mind, it is going to cost more. And if you do grab a print copy, thank you so much for giving me the privilege of being displayed on your shelves.

I have also thought quite a bit about pre-orders. Okay, more than “quite a bit.” I will not have any of my books available for pre-order. The main reason is, it has to do with ranking. Life happens, glitches incur and the internet can break. *giggle* So, instead of hoping you will pre-order my books, I am hoping you purchase the books when they are released. Thank you to all who do and to all who spread the word.

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