Phenomenal Storyteller Vivi Dumas Talks Writer’s Block

Vivian-Brick-Wall-close-upDiane Morasco: Vivi, let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Vivi Dumas: Ugggh! I’m really bad at managing writer’s block. Usually, I try different things until something clicks. Here are some things that have worked for me in the past:

• Put the piece away and work on something else
• Write a different scene
• Change POV’s – maybe I’m looking at it through the wrong eyes
• Take a break – a lot of times my writer’s block is because there are too many other things going on. It might be better to just get the other stuff off your plate to clear your mind.
• Keep writing. You can’t fix a blank page but if you keep writing you might have something you can mold into something better.

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