Book Promoting Key #3: A Media Kit


Here a few musts your kit should include:

• Professionally printed business cards with the book cover on one side and your contact information on the other side. Invest in your product and yourself, do not print them on your home printer.

• A bio.

• A press release.

• A head shot.

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Develop an Optimistic Attitude!

LibrarianThink of book promotion as weaving a story. The tale you are telling is why you penned your novel and how it can benefit others.
If you can develop a confident attitude about book promotion, individuals will pick up on it. Some writers have an aversion with the task of marketing. Unfortunately, their approach seems to be, “I’m an author. Selling is the publisher’s job. Regrettably, unless you are James Patterson, the publisher probably won’t have the finances to promote your book. In a nutshell, if you don’t market your book, no one else will. Now, let’s get moving on promoting your hard work and see your dream come to fruition!

Copyright © 2015 by Diane Morasco