Book Promoting Key #5: Build a Website

website 1

Your website should include the following:

• Contact Information.

• Media Kit.

• Book reviews.

• Book blurbs.

• Sample chapters from your books.

• Links to the purchase pages of your books.

• Events page listing your schedule of appearances.

• Your embedded videos.

• Links to your social media sites.

Book Promoting Key #3: A Media Kit


Here a few musts your kit should include:

• Professionally printed business cards with the book cover on one side and your contact information on the other side. Invest in your product and yourself, do not print them on your home printer.

• A bio.

• A press release.

• A head shot.

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Develop an Optimistic Attitude!

LibrarianThink of book promotion as weaving a story. The tale you are telling is why you penned your novel and how it can benefit others.
If you can develop a confident attitude about book promotion, individuals will pick up on it. Some writers have an aversion with the task of marketing. Unfortunately, their approach seems to be, “I’m an author. Selling is the publisher’s job. Regrettably, unless you are James Patterson, the publisher probably won’t have the finances to promote your book. In a nutshell, if you don’t market your book, no one else will. Now, let’s get moving on promoting your hard work and see your dream come to fruition!

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Marketing Tip 102

MArketingYour victory in selling anything is unequivocally linked to the significance you give your customers.

Contemplate the artists, companies, musicians, performers, writers, and brands you love. Are your interactions detached business deals or experiences? Do you feel as if you matter or are you just a dollar sign? No one wants to be made to feel as if they are nothing more than a number. Let your readers know how much you treasure them. Between book releases keep the appreciation and gratitude going with appearances, blog posts, emails, giveaways, newsletters, social media, and videos.

Unfortunately, most writers don’t even consider marketing until they release their book. Often they expect it to sell just because it is published or just because they penned it. While others wait around, eager to get some attention. Writers need to construct a community centered on a mutual belief or interest. Scribes today need a platform where likeminded individuals can gather. So when the writer’s novel is released the admirers support the author by purchasing the book, writing reviews and sharing the tome with other literary aficionados.

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