J Fox Ink™ Debut Author Shyra Jones Talks Writer’s Block

JFI AJTMDiane Morasco: Shyra, let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Shyra Jones, M.A., LPC: I am lucky I have only had writers block once and it was due to a poor outline on my part. My trick is to outline the book ahead of time. I believe nonfiction writers are lucky in that respect we do not have to worry so much about characters and plot and all that stuff. We just have to organize facts. I love facts so organizing them was easy. In my first book I got to do more story telling than I think I will do for a while. And those stories I have used in counseling, well a couple of them. Most of them were new and now I have them in my hat to pull from in therapy. For me everything goes back to what would I say in a session, and unless I would use therapeutic silence I always can find my answer there.

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