Why do you want to write a book?

Snoopy writingWhy do you want to write a book? Really, why do you want to pen a novel? Is it for the fame? To brag about your name on a cover? To see your mug on the back or inside flap of a book? To have the ole’ Brink’s truck pull into your driveway and have the guards push your newly minted paper with a wheelbarrow? For me the answer is I want to tell stories children, teens and adults can lose themselves in. I grew up amidst chaos; my animals, books, music and television were my saving graces. I remember sitting behind a big, oak desk my grandfather found for me and pretend I was a magazine publisher. I used to gather my animals, cousins, dolls, and stuffed animals to listen to my presentations and discuss what I wanted in each month’s issue. I would send them out of the room if they didn’t have their projects ready. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I started writing and publishing songs in my teens and it was an incredible learning experience. I know my craving to create and write is as vital as my need for oxygen. So, why do you want to write a book? Is it your passion to tell tales? Are you an expert on a certain topic or multiple topics? When you know your subject and want to share what you know with others, a book is one of the best ways to do it. Today more than ever there are countless prominent executives, acclaimed thespians, renowned athletes, notable spiritual leaders, and illustrious dignitaries who pen books (or hire ghost writers ;p) to convey their professional acumen and philosophies to the succeeding group of pioneers in their fields; or to apply the lessons of their lives to their legions of admirers.

Now back to Perry Brink and his iconic Brink’s trucks, cookie cakes, wouldn’t you be the stuffing if you had the truck make weekly drops at your abode? So, what are you waiting for? Now get off the internet, shut off the phone and hide your devices to get those coins rolling in. Just keep in mind, writing books does not guarantee that you will get rich quick, or at all! Just do what you love and everything will fall into place. Just believe in yourself and go for it.  Happy writing!

Thank you to the Schulz Museum for everything.

Snoopy image © Charles Monroe Schulz.

Copyright © 2014 by Diane Morasco. All Rights Reserved.