Shyra Jones: The J Fox Ink Interview

Shyra JonesDM: Shyra, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, how would you capture the essence of who you are and what you do?

SJ: I am unsure of exactly how to capture who I am and what I do. I guess first things first. I am a licensed professional counselor who wants to bring affordable mental health to those who need it. I am fortunate enough to be able to do this through writing books. If you pick up one of my books I hope it is similar to the compassion and knowledge I give in a live session.

DM: What has been the hardest part about your journey with writing so far?

SJ: Meeting my deadlines. I forget about things that are for fun and writing is fun to me so it doesn’t feel like work. This causes me to forget that it has a due date that I must abide by. Also I sometimes feel guilty when I write. I think who am I to be taking time for myself. That is something I have to overcome.

JFI AJTMDM: What drives you in your work?

SJ: I am driven by my passion to improve mental health care one person at a time. I want so very much to reach people and open their hearts to the lives they truly deserve full of joy and balance.

How do you stay in the moment?

SJ: Now this is a random question and I have a random answer. I practice Buddhism and that is one of the first things we learn. We learn that we are making causes in this moment and that those causes will take care of themselves. For example we learn that all we have to do is plant the apple tree and water it. We do not have to watch over it. Once we have done our part we can walk away and plant another tree. I know that sounds a little esoteric but that is how I do it. I just do.

Shyra Jones: Thank you for this wonderful interview.
Diane Morasco: You bet. Thank you for your time.

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J Fox Ink™ Debut Author Shyra Jones Talks Writer’s Block

JFI AJTMDiane Morasco: Shyra, let’s talk about writer’s block. How do you deal with it? What are your tips and tricks?

Shyra Jones, M.A., LPC: I am lucky I have only had writers block once and it was due to a poor outline on my part. My trick is to outline the book ahead of time. I believe nonfiction writers are lucky in that respect we do not have to worry so much about characters and plot and all that stuff. We just have to organize facts. I love facts so organizing them was easy. In my first book I got to do more story telling than I think I will do for a while. And those stories I have used in counseling, well a couple of them. Most of them were new and now I have them in my hat to pull from in therapy. For me everything goes back to what would I say in a session, and unless I would use therapeutic silence I always can find my answer there.

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Coming Soon: A Journey to Myself ™

JFI AJTMA Journey to Myself ™ (JTM™)is an expedition to the greatest destination you will ever venture to – you.  JTM™ affectionately, gently and nourishingly navigates you inside your heart, spirit and soul.

A Journey to Myself ™ is an introduction to journal therapy.  Journal therapy, frequently referred to as “writing therapy,” is a cogent way to alleviate a myriad of development, environmental, medical, psychological, and social issues. Journal writing is a remarkably constructive remedy to help individuals cope with conflicts. Many folks who struggle with profound emotional traumas are incapable of expressing their feelings in a physical or verbal manner; however, journaling allows an individual the ability of expression without alarm of humiliation, impediment or retaliation. By setting an expressively perplexing circumstance on paper, one has the capability to observe them from a contrasting angle and acquire understanding into otherwise buried aspects of their actions and conduct. Also, folks who journal discern an advanced wisdom of self-awareness and are able to diminish apprehension and achieve a sense of authorization.

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