Lil’ Fox™ Young Readers

For as long as I can remember, reading has always been among my ultimate passions. I remember when my mom and grandma surprised me with the monthly Snoopy book collection by the wonderfully gifted Charles Schultz. I was so excited when they gave me my first set of books. The package came with a “special gift” that filled my heart with joy – a set of blue Snoopy book ends. I was over the moon to have my very own library. Shortly after, the Golden Books and the Dr. Seuss monthly collections arrived at our door.

My grandma not only taught me how to read, my grandma encouraged me to read. In fact, both of my grandparents fortified my voracity for reading. I have always been surrounded by books, comics and magazines. Reading has always been one of my absolute joys. It became both my sanctuary and my saving grace to escape from the chaos of my childhood when my grandma died.

I love to be swept away by remarkable storytellers to the enchanted lands they create and dazzling writers who spill their innards out on the written page; for me, one of life’s most reflective delights is to open a book and learn from its stirring pages. When I lose myself in a story no matter what form of writing it is, comics, lyrics, memoirs, novels, poems, or scripts; I don’t want to be amazed, I don’t want to understand, and I don’t want to grow…I DEMAND it!

It has always been my most cherished dream to gift children with acceptance, dreams, hope, laughter, strength, tranquility, and understanding. I want children to have a sanctuary to go to imagine wondrously. I want children to have a shelter when chaos erupts. I want children to know that they have the magic inside them to be and do anything. And I want my books to do that.

J Fox Ink ™ is proud to announce the 2017 launch of Lil’ Fox™ Young Readers. Our goal is to offer you imaginative, innovative and inspiring projects in the coming months and years that will educate, encourage and entertain. Bringing children adventure, joy and empowering them to want more than what they come from is the mission for Lil’ Fox™ Young Readers.

Welcome to The Adventures of Papa Turtle™!

Welcome to The Adventures of Lola Foxtail™!