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dianes-photoDiane Morasco is a triple fusion ethnically – vanilla, caramel and chocolate – and creatively – designer, media proprietor and writer. And now, she can add bestselling author to the mix. Morasco was born in the juicy apple, in the Bronx. She jokingly coined herself, and smartly trademarked, Borough Babe™, after getting through the tough scenes in her debut novel, Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes, by listening to hip-hop music from her youth and from time spent with her hero, reason and former fiancé, the namesake of her publishing company, J Fox Ink™.

She has publicly stated, “Apparently, the Bronx Girl and Jersey City Cookie Cake needs this to get through these agonizing chapters. I am shaking my head ‘cause the lil’ Borough Babe™ inside likes to remind me of my formative years. Ya can take the chica outta of the BX but obviously, the BX isn’t having any of that Lawn Guy Land raised nonsense.”

Morasco is the Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, and Publisher of J Fox Ink™ (JFI), Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer of Diane Morasco Enterprises™ (DME), which is the parent company of Morasco Media™ (MM), The Book Resort™ (TBR), The Nicole Jerod Agency™ (TNJA), J Fox-Morasco Films™ (JFMF), The Glamour Vixens™ (TGV), and The Melting Plots™ (TMP).

She is the Co-Founder of The Art of Storytelling with Morasco and Taylor! ™, a mentorship program teaching aspiring writers The Art of Storytelling™.

Clearing the wreckage of her past, Morasco can finally concentrate on launching The Jacob Fox Collection™ by Diane Morasco, the clothing, jewelry and home décor line which was inspired by a man she once knew, who was “my reason for everything and who breathed life into me” before rebranding it as The Diane Morasco Collection™.

Morasco and International Bestselling Bahamian Author, Tanya R. Taylor are cementing the Morasco and Taylor brand further by collaborating on a horror series. ‘Threshold’ the first spine-tingling trilogy collection of short stories, in the vein of ‘The Twilight Zone’, will publish in 2017, with the next novel to follow in 2018 and the final novel in 2019.

Morasco has also teamed up with Tayla Jade of Tayla Jade Photography™, a remarkable visionary from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The two creative forces will be fusing their gifts with a line of inspirational décor and a series of coffee table books “to amplify the glow we all hold inside of us.”

Morasco and Taylor are also collaborating with a USA Today Bestselling Author on a holiday themed mystery slated for late 2017.

Morasco has two more collaborative projects set for 2017 but is keeping it close to the vest as her schedule may have to push back the joint ventures until 2018.

Morasco is working behind the scenes taking her Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes series on the road with speaking engagements and workshops. Morasco plans on stepping out of her comfort zone with elusive limited engagements later in 2017.

Morasco has film and television projects in development, a radio show to unveil in 2017, which is going to launch a sneak peek at the end of the year.

Spring 2014 she was asked to take over as co-author with a New England psychic with the J Fox Ink™ release, Medium Rare™.

September 2014, Ms. Morasco dropped the Medium Rare™ title to create, develop and license The Legendary Salem Medium™ brand for her client. She also became the author of the memoir she newly christened, The Legendary Salem Medium: Memoir, Musings and Magic. And in October 2014, Morasco temporarily relocated her family to a Salem, Massachusetts suburb to work exclusively with her client. In Summer 2017, Morasco will release, Snakes in the Garden: How My Faith, Intuition and Radiance Could Not Create The Legendary Salem Medium, about her experience with her former client. “I’ve been building my brand to provide an extraordinary sphere for my family with an intuitive spirit, a sharp eye and wise choices. Ultimately, it is my name on the company. I’m the Chief Cookie Cake. I’m not into parlor tricks, spectacle prophets or wickedness. I will not attach my name to anyone or anything that isn’t nourishment for my soul.”

Morasco first cut her teeth interviewing the immensely talented cast members of Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Sons of Anarchy, as well as Kurt Sutter himself, and countless writers, musicians, producers, and directors, celebrities – including the dashing Simon Cowell. She counts Ron Howard, Eddie McClintock and the Sons of Anarchy cast and team members for inspiring her to spread her wings into the film and television arena.

She is the former Editor-in-Chief for Alwayz Therro Magazine, former reviewer for RT Book Review and Long Island Book Reviews, part of the now defunct Examiner. As her schedule permits, she will guest scribble for Blogcritics, which she credits for honing her skills.

Morasco has a genuine fervor for animals, butter cream cupcakes, Supernatural, The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, Elementary, Castle, Major Crimes, General Hospital, Grimm, the beach, cinnamon gum, music, movies, shooting pool, hiking, Italy, reading, and spa treatments!

Morasco likes to keep her professional life and her private life separate but above all else, she can be found spending time with her trio of blessings – Gin, Hope and Zeus, creating and traveling the globe. And now that she has partnered with Tanya R. Taylor in The Bahamas and Tayla Jade in the land of Oz, globetrotting is par for the course. She just has to figure out how to travel with her trio of blessings when leaving the states.

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