3 Surefire Tips for Dealing with Writing Distractions


  1. Pinpoint the cause of your distraction.

Disengage from the cause of your distraction. Are you surfing the internet? Are you getting lost in social media? Are you not taking your writing time seriously? If you aren’t, you can’t expect others to be serious about it either. Distractions happen, but there are only a few reasons you should be distracted and which celebrity is cheating isn’t one of them. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why aren’t you writing?


  1. Study how other writers handle distractions.

Learn how some of your favorite scribes handle disruptions. Model their strategies for dealing with interruptions until you can design your own.


  1. Schedule your writing time.

Make an appointment with yourself to write. Don’t do anything but write during the time you carved out to write. Simple, huh? It is, but not always so easy. If you have to do some research, you should make an appointment with yourself to do your research. You may have to unplug from the world and let your family know you are going off the grid. If you are unable to avoid taking calls, you should screen them so as not to lose your momentum. Granted, there are exceptions to every rule and if you do make exceptions, be aware you’re not perpetually interrupted by deviations in your routine.


Article first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.


Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco