Writers on Writing: Kelly Rey




From her first discovery of Nancy Drew, Kelly has had a lifelong love for mystery and tales of things that go bump in the night, especially those with a twist of humor. Through many years of working in the court reporting and closed captioning fields, writing has remained a constant. If she’s not in front of a keyboard, she can be found reading, working out or avoiding housework. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime and lives in the Northeast with her husband and a menagerie of very spoiled pets.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about writing?MotionforMadness

That first drafts aren’t supposed to be spun gold.

How has this helped you as a writer?

That realization gives you freedom to relax and enjoy the process and it quiets the little voice that says you can’t do this.

Mac or PC?


Do you use Word or Scrivener?


Do you write or take notes with an iPad or tablet?

I write on a simple little laptop with a long battery life, to accommodate my procrastination.Motionformalice (2)

Do you have any writing rituals?

Nothing I’d call a ritual, but I often procrastinate by watching some YouTube videos, or book shopping, or by checking e-mail, before I realize time is getting away from me and I’d better get to work.

Do you start by writing or researching first?

I think it depends on the book, although when I have an idea, I tend to jump right into it and research as I go along.Motionformistletoe

Favorite spot to write in the winter? Favorite spot to write in the summer?

My writing spots don’t change with the season, or else I’d probably be distracted and get nothing done. I’m a creature of habit as far as that goes.MotionforMurder_5in

Visit Kelly’s website for the latest news.

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco

Interview first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews

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