3 Vital Reasons Why Writers Should Utilize Social Media



  • Let’s face it, cookie cakes, we reside in a social media driven environment which demands communication and engagement. A well-maintained, updated hub with quality content for readers to interact with you one-on-one through questions and comments is a priceless commodity for writers. And this translates into thrilled readers and more sales. It’s a win-win for all! I put together three vital reasons writers need to utilize social media. Enjoy!

  • Develop Followers. If you are sharing worthwhile, solution-oriented content you will develop an ever-growing cache of dedicated enthusiasts.
  • Develop Contacts. With an online presence you are able to harvest a collection of potential relations with not just readers and other writers, but with designers, media firms, and other professional associates by networking.
  • Staying Plugged in Gifts You with Constructive Feedback. Staying connected is an invaluable gift for you and your followers. When your enthusiasts send you an email, share something in social media, or remark on a post, they are gifting you with a productive reaction. They express what they love or hate about your books, your characters, your setting, your writing, or even about you. When your supporters share something you posted, they let you know what echoes within them and what they want more of from you.  


    Remember to stay ahead of the game by remaining in the know with the most forward-thinking, knowledgeable data in your arena of expertise. Don’t plummet into the lackadaisical vortex and let the competition steal your anchor and claim your place in the sun.


    Article first appeared in Long Island Book Reviews Examiner.


    Copyright © 2016 by Diane Morasco



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