Marketing Tip 102

MArketingYour victory in selling anything is unequivocally linked to the significance you give your customers.

Contemplate the artists, companies, musicians, performers, writers, and brands you love. Are your interactions detached business deals or experiences? Do you feel as if you matter or are you just a dollar sign? No one wants to be made to feel as if they are nothing more than a number. Let your readers know how much you treasure them. Between book releases keep the appreciation and gratitude going with appearances, blog posts, emails, giveaways, newsletters, social media, and videos.

Unfortunately, most writers don’t even consider marketing until they release their book. Often they expect it to sell just because it is published or just because they penned it. While others wait around, eager to get some attention. Writers need to construct a community centered on a mutual belief or interest. Scribes today need a platform where likeminded individuals can gather. So when the writer’s novel is released the admirers support the author by purchasing the book, writing reviews and sharing the tome with other literary aficionados.

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In Memoriam Loretta Williamson 1946-2015

It is with heartfelt sadness that we announce the death of J Fox Ink Founder and Publisher, Diane Morasco’s, beautiful, loving and one of a kind mother, Loretta Williamson, who died tragically by a hit and run driver in Massachusetts while on location with her daughter and family. She lived an adventurous life and was cherished by her daughter, future son-in-law, sisters, pets, and friends. She was an inspiration to live life to the fullest, to laugh at every situation and a strong woman who endured the ebbs and flows life gifted her. She will live on through her daughter but we all miss her beyond words.

Author Newsletter Writing Tips


Keep it simple

Limit yourself to one or two key nuggets of information. Whatever doesn’t make it into your newsletter save it for your blog.

Keep the focus
In a nutshell, it is not about you, it is about them. Give your readers what they want or you may find your treasured subscribers unsubscribing…or good gravy, marking your newsletter as spam!

Original Content is crucial. Do NOT recycle your blog posts and call it a newsletter. You want to give your audience a reason to sign up. Here is your opportunity to offer exclusive content.

Give your subscribers the feeling of being in the “know.” Treat them to all sorts of goodies for being a subscriber.

Book launches
A sizable portion of book sales come from pre-orders, and your newsletter is a terrific way to let your followers know when the book is available. You’ll want to send out frequent newsletters when you have an upcoming book launch. Doing so makes it more likely for your supporters to take action and order your book.

Speaking engagements
When your readers have the chance to meet you in person, by all means, let them know! Provide them with as much information as possible: dates, locations, links to the event site, ticket information, times, etc.

Copyright © 2015 by Diane Morasco