It’s Your Birthday!


Today is the day you were created from heaven above so let us rejoice and celebrate.

May blessings cover you in a warmth so cozy you feel God’s arms surrounding you.

May you always be soaked in a golden healing light which allows you to glimmer from within like a candle with an endless flame.

May your heart always be filled with forgiveness, grace and understanding so others can learn from your example.

May love always be the paradigm with every choice, circumstance and situation the world tosses your way.

May your spirit soar with the eagles to uncharted lands where you may relinquish the burdens binding you, so you can truly be free to dance in the stratosphere and feel the syncopation within your soul.

May you embrace the woman you are and honor the beauty that is yours and yours alone.

May you take time for yourself and set aside moments to reflect on the gifts you were given, on memories you cherish and on the wonder that is you.

May you remember tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone so live every moment to the fullest and have fun for it is the laughter that makes this voyage easier to traverse.

May you start this new chapter with a spark of excitement that will always be there to light your way.

Happy Birthday to you!

Copyright © 2014 by Diane Morasco. All Rights Reserved.