Book Marketing 101

Book Marketing and promotionTwo of the most important words to a writer is “The End” and as you finish your book and gear up for the next one, cookie cakes, let’s prepare for the promotional take-off. No, not “huh”? And definitely not “the what”? I’m talking about the marketing and promotional leg work. Nope, writing your gripping tale just isn’t enough, you must increase your web presence (or for those who haven’t as of yet – CREATE one). Here are a few tips to prepare for your marketing launch that will sell copies and build your brand.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Clean up your social footprint.

2. Get a new Author Website.

3. Create an author Facebook page and use it instead of your profile.

4. Sign up for Twitter.

5. Sign up for Google Authorship.

6. Register as an author on Amazon.

7. Register as an author on Goodreads.

8. Go on an online book tour.

9. Create a book launch team.

10. Create a book trailer.

11. Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon, your Facebook page, and on Goodreads.

12. Send out advanced reading copies.

13. Create an Author Street Team.

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