# Am Writing: The Papa Turtle™ Series

0955tg1400895995I may take a cue from the vivacious Vivi Dumas and go write in the wild this Memorial weekend while back on the Island. I should take a notebook and index cards (I love the ones with the rings in neon colors from Staples) like the vibrant Diana Layne but I’ll be at the beach and don’t want to get my papers wet. Really, Diana, I’ll take notes on my phone with my writing app. O.o

Hmmm…perhaps I will just take the weekend off since after this weekend I will be turning my phone off, locking myself in my writing grotto and resume pounding away on the keys to finish the final drafts for books 1-3 in The Papa Turtle™ Series. Me thinks a little reading, relaxing and movie watching is on the agenda…After all, a gal’s gotta recharge her batteries every once in an aqua sandy beach moon! ;P
Happy writing!


© 2014 Diane Morasco Enterprises, Inc.
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