How will you reach your audience?

PROMOTION“What on earth do you want me to do now Morasco?” I finished my book. I mean, isn’t it kinda sorta like I’ve built it and they will come?” Ah, no, it isn’t, my little grasshopper. You gotta shake that rump and hustle like a marketing and promo ninja. No matter what publishing route you traverse – traditional, hybrid publishing, print on demand, or self-publishing – you are going to be accountable for a substantial portion, if not all, of the advertising and promotion. Now let’s take a few seconds to grunt, roll our eyes, smash things, suck our teeth, and utter expletives. Hissy fit over? Good. Let’s get to pimping our goods. Hold up, cookie cakes, let me rephrase that sentence for the faint at heart or for those not familiar with my no filter quintessence. Let’s get to pimping our writing goods. *giggling*
Marketing and promoting your novel is going to be an enriching, exasperating, and exciting experience. Let go of the conventional ideologies and have fun! Remember the opportunities are as infinite as your imagination.

Now, without further delay, a few marketing and promoting tips that will make you a marketing and promotions bad ass just like my fierce chicks Diana Layne, Vivi Dumas of VPG Publishing and Promotions, LLC, Lisa Pietsch, Saranna DeWylde, and Parris Afton Bonds! Oh, and let’s not forget that rocking cookie cake from Morasco Media™! *wink*

  • Set up a website
  • Set up a blog
  • Present lectures
  • Lead workshops
  • Attend conferences and book festivals
  • Send out press releases prior to publication
  • Mail out review copies prior to your release date
  • Arrange for your book to be reviewed
  • Have a launch party
  • Set up book signings
  • Plan your book tour
  • Set up a media blitz for radio and television
  • Oh, and get your swag on. Put some goodies together and give ‘em out. Don’t forget me when ya pimping your treats! *saucy grin*

It is going to be an adventurous undertaking so enjoy the ride and savor the memories. Remember the more you do to get your hard work recognized, the more books you will sell. Happy Sales, cookie cakes!

Copyright © 2014 by Diane Morasco. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “How will you reach your audience?

  1. Lisa Pietsch says:

    Thanks for the mention in such good company! I always love it when I’m called a “bad ass”!
    Perhaps we should get really fierce and hang out on Google with those other badasses and talk about some serious ways authors can connect with their audience?

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