Who is your audience?

BullseyeI know what some of you are thinking and muttering, “Morasco, every-friggin’-body is gonna wanna read my book. Even Elvis freakin’ Presley is gonna come outta hidin’ to read my stuff. And the late great Ernest Hemingway is gonna wanna take this tome out to the sea.” Oh, cookie cakes, I feel ya. Really, my literary brethren, I do, but let’s just reel ya in and anchor ya with a vital question and an important safety backup plan. Who is your audience? Please don’t make the gaffe of writing a book you think “everyone” will want to read. Even if you are a “fantasy” writer, cookie cakes, don’t go there. *wink*

You must have a definitive understanding of your audience in mind. Construct a reader sketch. Ask yourself the following questions as you assemble your marketing profile.

  • Is it directed at a specific age group?
  • Is it focused on a particular genre?
  • What does your reader do for fun?
  • What are they listening to on their playlist?
  • What movies and television shows do they watch?
  • What magazine and newspapers do they purchase?
  • How will your book benefit your readers?

Now get your biscuits writing and don’t forget to keep moi posted on your book endeavors.

Copyright © 2014 by Diane Morasco. All Rights Reserved.

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