Coming Soon: A Journey to Myself ™

JFI AJTMA Journey to Myself ™ (JTM™)is an expedition to the greatest destination you will ever venture to – you.  JTM™ affectionately, gently and nourishingly navigates you inside your heart, spirit and soul.

A Journey to Myself ™ is an introduction to journal therapy.  Journal therapy, frequently referred to as “writing therapy,” is a cogent way to alleviate a myriad of development, environmental, medical, psychological, and social issues. Journal writing is a remarkably constructive remedy to help individuals cope with conflicts. Many folks who struggle with profound emotional traumas are incapable of expressing their feelings in a physical or verbal manner; however, journaling allows an individual the ability of expression without alarm of humiliation, impediment or retaliation. By setting an expressively perplexing circumstance on paper, one has the capability to observe them from a contrasting angle and acquire understanding into otherwise buried aspects of their actions and conduct. Also, folks who journal discern an advanced wisdom of self-awareness and are able to diminish apprehension and achieve a sense of authorization.

Visit A Journey to Myself ™ (JTM™) website for all the latest news.

Copyright © 2014 by Diane Morasco. All Rights Reserved.

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